Benefits of Solar in Florida

benefits of solar in florida,

The Benefits of Solar in Florida are as follows:

  1. The majority of homes in Florida have enough sun exposure for good productivity
  2. All homes have a monthly power bill to offset (That power bill payment can go to solar for at minimum the same money or considerably less than their already spending every month)
  3. 26% Tax Credit in 2020. (Additional Savings Cost when using “Your Solar Advocate” and get wholesale pricing instead of retail).
  4. The return on investment is exceptional ( so long as you buy right you can profit from a solar system for 20 to 25 years or more)
  5. The laws and rules are in the property owners favor
  6. Healthy for The Environment ( 100% Clean Energy)
  7. Solar production for an individual home is produced at a lower cost than the power company pays for its solar production.
  8. Your Solar Advocate” a solar consultant firm that walks you through every step of the way for going solar for wholesale! From the first to the last step making any home generate its own energy using solar. Have a solar system that makes a profit.
Benefits of  Solar in Florida, Your Solar Advocate ad,

Homes in Florida Have Enough Sun Exposure for Productive Solar

Having enough sunlight is one the most obvious benefits of home solar in Florida but it’s not for every home. Should you have a home with a very low power bill then solar probably is not going to be cost-effective. It’s possible to benefit if the cost of a solar system is low enough but the benefits are greater the more power you use. A good standard is if your bills averages are $120 or more a month.

Naturally, if a home has a great deal of tree coverage then it can get costly trimming or removing trees for solar to be effective. But solar can be installed in any sun-exposed areas on the majority of properties and be productive. All these different methods really do require some help from an expert. It’s imperative to get it right from the beginning.

All Homes Have a Monthly Power Bill to Offset The Cost of Solar

Because every home has a power bill, homeowners can use that money toward solar and ultimately own their own power company. It’s nice to offset the cost of solar using the power bill money to pay for it, but there are additional savings available.

The federal ITC tax credit gives homeowners in Florida an automatic 26% percent tax credit for 2020. Learn more about the Federal ITC Tax Credit that applies to solar Florida Solar Tax Credit 2020.

Homeowners are producing lower-cost power with solar than power companies. The power companies have to lease or buy land and build platforms for the panels. Homeowners don’t have any of these additional expenses. Power companies then have to mark-up the cost of the power produced from solar. This is important information to give us an insight into how power companies are going to pass those costs in the future on to the customer.

benefits of solar in florida,Your Solar Advocate ad,

Excellent Return On Investment

Here’s an example breakdown of what a system costs when using “Your Solar Advocate”.

  1. 7K System Costs approximately $13,000 Total Cost for equipment, Installation.
  2. This system can offset at least a $150 power bill. (That’s a conservative estimate)
  3. 240 Months over 20 Years equals $36000 in power bills. (That does not include price increases over the next twenty years) (Power companies are selling solar produced power for a profit right now)
  4. Tax Credit 26% Savings off the systems total cost is $3380
  5. Net Cost of $9620 Versus $24,500 less tax credit of $6370 equals a net cost of $18,130.
  6. Your total savings using “Your Solar Advocate” is $8510.
  7. Total power company cost over 20 Years is $36000. Total Cost of Solar Power $10,000. That’s a $26,000 savings over twenty years without considering the price increases.
  8. No new tax assessment for home improvement is a law (that is sort of hidden additional savings).

Get the right experts combined with lower cost all but guarantee home solar in Florida is an excellent investment. The key is to eliminate the ridiculous overhead solar companies are passing on to you. That’s where “Your Solar Advocate” comes in, helping you get the best savings possible and getting a great ROI.

The Laws and Rules are in the Property Owners Favor

Under no circumstances can a homeowner be denied going solar in Florida. Renewable energy can not be regulated by a homeowner’s association. Homeowners association should always be made aware of when a home is getting solar installed.

Florida solar laws require that the power companies co-operate with homeowners using the grid for service and power storage.

Florida does not allow any new tax assessment for home improvement with solar. Although many large consumption homes can improve the value of their home with a solar system, their property taxes will not increase.

You can not be denied by communities or homeowner associations but you should always notify them your installing solar.

If you would like to speak with an expert solar advisor simply fill out the basic info form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.

benefits of solar in florida,Your Solar Advocate ad,

Provide “Your Solar Advocate ” With The Average Monthly kWh’s and Get Your Free Cost Estimate

“Your Solar Advocate” does not share your information with anyone under any circumstances without your consent. Personal information is not required throughout the entire process of going solar. “Your Solar Advocate” does not require your social security numbers, driver’s license numbers or Credit Checks!

“Your Solar Advocate” uses your information for Advocacy purposes only, to serve you better. We do not Sell Solar we provide expert knowledge about Solar to assist you in Going Solar for a lower cost! Assistance with purchasing equipment, permitting & Design and Installation.

Because we are your solar advocate, we do not make purchases, we make the arrangements for you to make the purchases. All for one fee regardless of the size of the system.

We act strictly as an expert solar advocate for you. We inform you of the most important things you need to know such as the size of the system, the best location of the system, wholesale prices on different size systems and expert installation.
The list of services goes on, but the bottom line is the bottom line. Including our advocacy fee, you will save a bare minimum of $6000 for any 7K home solar system or larger.
The larger the system the more you save because we do not raise our fee regardless of the size of the system.

Get A Free Estimate When You Provide Your Average Monthly kWh Used?

  • Provide a copy of your electric bill and we can determine the size solar system required. or Check your electric bill for average monthly kilowatt-hours used and input into the comment box below. We will then provide you what this solar system will cost when you use "Your Solar Advocate" Consulting Firm