Does Solar Pay for Itself? YES!

Does Solar pay for itself? YES!,

Does Solar Pay for Itself? YES! Without question home, solar pays for itself, but for some people quicker than others. The primary reason is some folks get a better return on investment because they paid a lower price for their system.

The only thing I can compare to the rollout of solar to the American people was the computer. Although we had the Internet we didn’t have the internet to go to as a resource because there wasn’t any content available. We used a multitude of search engines trying to find what we needed, usually to no avail. Bottom line we couldn’t get good deals on computers in the nineties. Custom built computers were overpriced just like home solar is overpriced.

Okay, so how does the rollout of solar compare to the introduction of computers? When you start out with only a handful of people with knowledge of that industry, doing business with them is very expensive because they’re entrepreneurs. Only a handful of people had knowledge about home solar. These people started opening national brand companies and charging very high prices because they had no competition. Their method to their madness was to sell a payment to a customer because they are already making that payment every month to the power company.

Not a Good Idea To Buy a Payment

That method is to sell a payment not home solar the same way a car dealer sells a car payment. Why do they use this approach, because it’s effective for the dealer? They convince people who know nothing about solar that it’s something special and the power company is going to make the payment (because their power bill will be offset), and no money out of pocket.

So very quickly the national brand solar companies did the same thing the computer industry did, they created their own competitor. Locally owned and operated solar companies started popping up in each state. They all received their training from the national companies they previously worked for, and then copied their business model.


The Run Around

The business model is predatory by nature and as a result, the consumer of solar has no advocacy to lean on. It’s almost like a conspiracy because if you go online to research home solar it’s the solar companies providing all the knowledge and information. The information you find online is all about federal tax credits, payments that offset your power bill so solar is free, financing solar, or very inaccurate return on investment information.



ROI is dictated by one thing and one thing only and that is the price you pay for a solar system. The manor in which these solar companies operate is sucking all the ROI for the customer out of the front end of the sale. The companies are getting the benefits not the purchaser of the home solar system.

Check Out Florida Solar Tax Credit because not everybody has enough income to qualify for the ITC. (Earned Income Tax Credit)

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Don’t Buy Solar – Invest In Solar

It’s my belief there is a need for a revolution in how solar is marketed. That’s why I founded “Your Solar Advocate” because it’s a better way to go solar.

Your Solar Advocate” represents the homeowner’s best interests and in doing so puts the ROI in the consumer’s pocket. This is critical if solar is going to overcome the public resistance to home solar because of the poor ROI. 95 out of every 100 potential solar buyers have said no, and it wasn’t because they didn’t want it. They said no because of the prices they’re being quoted.

How can it be justified the Permit, Plans, Installation, and equipment costs a company $15000 and they charge $28,000. It’s all the hands in the pot that is the problem but that’s the consumer’s money the companies are throwing around not their own.

The idea of “Your Solar Advocate” is not new, it’s just new to the solar industry and there’s a multitude of reasons why it’s by far the best idea!

The reason it’s the best idea is that it’s the only way to make home solar profitable for the homeowner. “Your Solar Advocate” puts all that wasted money into your pocket where it belongs! With “Your Solar Advocate ” you have expertise at your fingertips every step of the process of going solar.

Solar Needs To Be The Homeowners Idea


“Your Solar Advocate” does not sell home solar. We offer home solar expertise to guide you through every step of creating your own power plant on your roof. The key is we provide a service that pays for itself and turns home solar into a money-making opportunity for homeowners.


Provide “Your Solar Advocate ” With The Average Monthly kWh’s and Get Your Free Cost Estimate?

“Your Solar Advocate” does not share your information with anyone under any circumstances without your consent. Personal information is not required throughout the entire process of going solar. “Your Solar Advocate” does not require your social security numbers, driver’s license numbers or Credit Checks!

“Your Solar Advocate” uses your information for Advocacy purposes only, to serve you better. We do not Sell Solar we provide expert knowledge about Solar to assist you in Going Solar for a lower cost! Assistance with purchasing equipment, permitting & Design and Installation.

Because we are your solar advocate, we do not make purchases, we make the arrangements for you to make the purchases. All for one fee regardless of the size of the system.

We act strictly as an expert solar advocate for you. We inform you of the most important things you need to know such as the size of the system, the best location of the system, wholesale prices on different size systems and expert installation.
The list of services goes on, but the bottom line is the bottom line. Including our advocacy fee, you will save a bare minimum of $6000 for any 7K home solar system or larger.
The larger the system the more you save because we do not raise our fee regardless of the size of the system.

Get A Free Estimate When You Provide Your Average Monthly kWh Used?

  • Provide a copy of your electric bill and we can determine the size solar system required. or Check your electric bill for average monthly kilowatt-hours used and input into the comment box below. We will then provide you what this solar system will cost when you use "Your Solar Advocate" Consulting Firm

Does Solar Pay for Itself? Yes!

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