Solar Consultant: Removes Overhead Costs!

Solar Consultant: Removes Overhead Costs!, florida solar report,

Solar Consultant: Removes Overhead Costs! Is an innovative way to go solar and make a profit from having it.

Florida Solar Report has given birth to a better way to go solar. “Your Solar Advocate” Consulting Firm, it’s like having an attorney in the sense that an advocate represents your best interests only.

Your Solar Advocate” provides expert guidance through every step of the home solar process. Buy all of the equipment for the same price as a solar company. We connect you with an expert licensed & Insured installer and have the plans and permitting done for you. Buy home solar for wholesale cost, everything from A to Z when you use “Your Solar Advocate“.

Vocabulary.coms Definition of an Advocate

As a noun, an advocate is a person who represents another person’s interests, like a lawyer does. In fact, the word comes from the courtroom — it’s from Latin advocare, to “add” a “voice.” To advocate is to add a voice of support to a cause or person. An advocate is anyone who adds that voice by representing another person in court, or by supporting or working toward a particular course of action.

Solar Consultant removes overhead costs!,-florida-solar-report,

The data is in for the first 3 plus years of home solar in Florida. The data shows that about 5% of all homeowners that sat for a home solar proposal actually purchased it. That tells us 95% of homeowners interested did not buy.

What was the reason so many homeowners wanted to go solar but ultimately didn’t buy? 95 out of the 100 believed solar was cheaper than the power company. A common-sense belief because the sun is free right? But what was the actual experience when being proposed home solar?

The Typical Home Solar Buyers Experience Is Not A Very Good One

The experience of buying home solar is brutal and the only thing I can compare it to is buying a car. They would sit for anywhere from one and a half hours up to three hours and be explained all the details. During this process, the representative will not give you a price? You have to do an application first and provide all of your personal information. SS numbers, driver’s license copy, tax forms to verify qualifying for tax credit and proof of ownership of the home. Then a hard credit check takes place to qualify for financing for a 20-year term.

Then the proposal finally comes through from the main office and gets presented to the customer. It’s amazing how many people would subject themselves to all of this just to get a price.

The potential buyer is excited and bright-eyed because there is a sense of doing good with home solar. The majority of us want to be less of a burden when it comes to pollution because we care. The company selling home solar doesn’t care about Ideology, they are there to sell home solar, period.

The Cost Has Yet To Exceed The Value

Then they hear a proposal for a 7K system as an example and it’s $28,000 and the temperature in the room instantly gets turned up. This system will produce about $150 a month in power and in most cases cut taxes off the power bill. In a good case, you will cut about $165 a month or less off a power bill.

They are surprised by the high cost, to say the least, and make comments like “It’s like buying a house”. Then the sales rep explains why the cost is so high. It’s construction and which requires a great deal of detail but don’t worry because the power bill money will be your payment. So see, it’s really free because you are going to pay your power bill anyway. We all hate the power company so why give it to them when you can pay-off a home solar system.

This is true but what about the $28,000? Well unfortunately the proposal shows another $28,000 in interest for a 20 year loan at 5%. Once again who cares you are spending that on your power bill and that’s not including power company price hikes.

Power company costs have not really gone up much over the past 10 to 15 years because their prices are driven by the oil markets. A potential buyer does not realize that and they like their sales rep so they trust them.

The Customer Wants Financial Gain From Home Solar

The total cost of the example solar system with interest is $56,000, the total twenty years of a power bill at $165 a month is $39,600. The solar company has overhead that has far too many hands in the pot and it drives up the price. All the additional costs get passed on to the homeowner and they lose money.

It gets even gets uglier because the power company doesn’t have any term length like financing. Yet about 5% still bought, and I believe the majority bought because they believe in doing the right thing.

Make A Profit From Home Solar With “Your Solar Advocate” Consulting Firm

Sample Cost Breakdown

So for argument’s sake, a 7K system costs $12,000 for all the equipment from a to z. Your Installation costs are $3,500. That totals out to $15,500 for a system no company in Florida can sell for under $25,500 and stay in business. I sold this size system for $28,000 when I worked for a solar company.

“Your Solar Advocate” charges one fee for everything. The savings are $10,000 for a 7K System which makes our expert fees a bargain. We can’t provide pricing without knowing how much your average kWh usage is. please feel free to call or fill in the form below. Provide your average monthly kWh is and we will give you an estimated wholesale cost of that system.

The disparity of solar prices is caused by two things, solar companies overhead and financing. If you use “Your Solar Advocate” for the previous example and pay cash your total cost is $15,500 (less your tax credit) but the customer who used a company and financed paid $56,000 by the end of their 20-year term. Because they get a larger tax credit, they might not even qualify for all of it. It’s such a large amount of money and if they don’t pay that much in taxes they only qualify for some of it.

These facts do not mean don’t finance, your just better off being more creative about financing. Don’t finance the solar system because most banks don’t do solar loans, that’s why solar finance companies exist. Be creative with home improvement loans or refinance and put on a new roof while you’re at it. A roof and solar are actually paid for because you’re not paying the power company the same money.

The bottom line is pay cash and make a lot of money from going solar because you are cutting out all the unneeded expenses.

If you would like to speak with an expert solar advisor simply fill in the basic info form below and we will contact you within 24 hours or call (813) 312-6027.

“Your Solar Advocate” Solar Consultant: Removes Overhead Costs!

Provide “Your Solar Advocate ” With The Average Monthly kWh’s and Get Your Free Cost Estimate

“Your Solar Advocate” does not share your information with anyone under any circumstances without your consent. Personal information is not required throughout the entire process of going solar. “Your Solar Advocate” does not require your social security numbers, driver’s license numbers or Credit Checks!

“Your Solar Advocate” uses your information for Advocacy purposes only, to serve you better. We do not Sell Solar we provide expert knowledge about Solar to assist you in Going Solar for a lower cost! Assistance with purchasing equipment, permitting & Design and Installation.

Because we are your solar advocate, we do not make purchases, we make the arrangements for you to make the purchases. All for one fee regardless of the size of the system.

We act strictly as an expert solar advocate for you. We inform you of the most important things you need to know such as the size of the system, the best location of the system, wholesale prices on different size systems and expert installation.
The list of services goes on, but the bottom line is the bottom line. Including our advocacy fee, you will save a bare minimum of $6000 for any 7K home solar system or larger.
The larger the system the more you save because we do not raise our fee regardless of the size of the system.

Get A Free Estimate When You Provide Your Average Monthly kWh Used?

  • Provide a copy of your electric bill and we can determine the size solar system required. or Check your electric bill for average monthly kilowatt-hours used and input into the comment box below. We will then provide you what this solar system will cost when you use "Your Solar Advocate" Consulting Firm