Going Solar In Florida: Step By Step Guide

Going Solar In Florida: Step By Step Guide will help you through all the steps for going solar. Florida Solar Report is not a lead generation company or owned by a solar sales company. We are an advocate solar information website, designed to provide you the information the solar companies don’t want you to know.

You will read about my experience working for a solar company in Florida that did over 500 installs in 2018 and was out of business by August 2019. I was well trained by this company about solar and I did my own continuous research since then. I stated back then and still believe to this day is Solar Is Awesome!

That being said I will tell you the techniques of selling solar are not so awesome. The solar companies nationwide started using the automobile sales model which is to sell a payment. By selling a payment it takes your eye off the big picture, which is how much you pay for the system.

95 out of every 100 homeowners said no after hearing our presentations because they had good instincts. 5 out of every 100 bought solar because they want to make a contribution helping clean up our environment. Well-meaning folks, that trusted that since they were doing the right thing, they assumed the solar company was doing the right thing?

The  following is a real-life example of a home solar presentation and you tell me if the solar company was doing the right thing?

Example 8.4K System
Solar Awareness Information, florida solar report,

The Above Example Claims An 8% Annual Price Increase By The Power Companies Annually - An Absolute Fabrication

The Low Interest Loan of 4.99% Percent Doubles The Cost of The Solar System Over 20 Years - The Company's Claims of $66,763 Is Impossible To Achieve

Below Is An Example of The True Cost of Power Over a 25 Year Period Including Price Increases

When calculating the value of your solar production over a twenty five year period use the your present day average monthly bill and multiply x 12 Months x 25 Years and add 10% more and that’s a realistic price increase over twenty five years. The reasoning is in over the next twenty five years how we obtain our energy is going to diversify. So fossil fuels will probably go down in cost quite dramatically or at minimum hold steady and that’s what dictates power price increases. I’m sure power companies will figure out a way to justify a higher price but it doesn’t mean they’ll be effective at doing so.

Average Monthly Power Bill

x 12 Months

25 Years X 1800

10% Total Increase Over 25 Years

Total 25 Year Power Cost Estimate

Average Power Costs Monthly for 25 Years

$150 A Month

$1800 A Year




$165 A Month Average Power Costs

So the truth is if your average power bill of a $150 a month will average about $165 a month over the next  25 years (300 Months). So we know the accumulative value of your power cost $49,500, that’s what you pay the power company in twenty five years. Now we have the value of the power lets compare that to the cost of a solar system that produces that power.

Knowing the cost of the power will create a clear picture of the real value of home solar, and if it will be profitable for your home.

We now know $49,500 is what the power company will get paid over the next 25 years based on an average $165 a month.

Awareness of The Pitfalls When Going Solar In Florida Can Save You Money

The bottom line is the bottom line, you can buy a system that produces $150 a month worth of power for under $20,000 in 2020 and benefit from the tax credit 26% ($4,250). The total cost is $12,750 and the total production over 25 years is $49,500. That’s a savings of $29,500 from what you would have spent with the power company over the next 25 years. Going Solar In Florida: Step By Step Guide reveals the truth about what home solar really costs if you don’t overpay.

Below Is a Table for The Things To Do Before Installing Solar. The Objective Is To Achieve As Close As Possible What A Homes Monthly Average kWh’s Usage Is. This Will Determine The Size Solar System A Home Requires.

Doing these Home Improvements will Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce the Size of the Solar System Needed.

Air Conditioning Sometimes New AC Units can cut power bills in half if they’re over 10 years old. A noticeable savings at minimum which will pay for the new A/C in time.
Roof Older roofs are not as efficient and it’s Ideal for the roof and solar panels to age simultaneously.
Windows and Doors Caulking Is The Least Costly and Money Saving Thing To Do In A Home
LED Lighting Amazing Energy Saving Technology!
Attic Fans and Blown Insulation Go The Extra Mile for Additional Savings!
Ready for Solar At This Point, Your Home Is Efficient Enough To Determine The Actual Monthly kWh Usage Which should Be Considerably Lower than before The Improvements Started.
Solar Equipment This Is Where Some Expertise Goes A Long Way!
Installation Expert Licensed and Insured Contractor
Get Top Quality Equipment of Less Buy All of Your Equipment Wholesale and Save Big!
Use A Solar Consultant Florida Solar Report Has Given Birth To A Revolutionary Idea About How To Cut The Cost of Solar Dramatically “Your Solar Advocate” Consultant Firm.

Pay-Off A Solar System ASAP for Maximum Benefits

The loan of 4.99% percent is a quote from a company that specializes in home solar loans. These loan companies charge the solar companies points for that loan in the above example. The solar company doesn’t pay those closing costs the buyer does. The following is a chart of all the additional expenses the solar companies pass on to buyers.

A Typical Solar Company’s Proposal

Add-Ons To Every Solar Proposal Cost of Add-Ons
The Cost of Salesperson $3000
Sales Manager $1500
Proposal Builders and Permitting Department $1000
Overhead: Rent, Auto Insurance, Vehicles, and Utilities $1000
Cost of Leads and Marketing $1000
Points for Low Interest 20 Year Loan Terms (Frequently Hidden Cost) $2500
Solar Panels, Inverter, Installation $15,000
Solar Company Profit $5000
Total $30,000

Federal ITC Is 26% Off The Above Cost for Qualified Buyers
(Many Solar Companies Use Tax Credit as a down-payment 12 to 15 months after the deal is closed)

The reason why solar companies are structured this way is that the solar company doesn’t pay those additional costs, the buyer does.

The solar company doesn’t lay out any of the costs until the finance company funds their account. For this reason, they can’t break-away from the above business model.

Home Solar Is An Excellent Investment!

Going Solar In Florida: Step By Step Guide summarizes that home solar is an excellent investment because it’s a free investment. In order to get the most out of home solar is to make your home as efficient as possible.

Purchase your system at an affordable price, without sacrificing quality and you will get a better return on investment. Check-Out “Your Solar Advocate” Consulting Firm if you need expert guidance for going solar in Florida. “Your Solar Advocate” is your representative not a solar companies and can guide you how to save thousands of dollars by cutting out all the overhead costs the solar companies charge the buyers. Check-Out: The Best Solar Idea of 2020

Home Solar Is Definitely An Excellent Opportunity for Homeowners In 2020!

Going Solar In Florida: Step By Step Guide is Useful No Mater When or How You Choose To Go Solar So Long As You Do Go Solar.
That's Our Motive At Florida Solar Report Is To Educate People About How To Protect Themselves In The Process.